Cloud Study Jams - Google Cloud Essentials

A Cloud Study Jam is a collective learning program designed to give students practical experience in Google Cloud Tools.

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[Google DSC Workshop][Cloud Study Jam][Saturday, February 6][RSVP NOW]

The Google DSC at Polytechnique is organizing its first ever study jam. On Saturday, we will be joining together for a group study jam to learn about the Google Cloud Platform by completing the Google Cloud Essentials program. Don't forget to RSVP on this link:

What is it? Learn the fundamentals of the Google Cloud Platform, how to run containers on it and how to use the platform for data engineering.

How long does it take? One in-person session of 4 hours.

You will have exclusive access to Google Qwiklab credits in order to complete the Google Cloud practice tasks in a real simulated cloud environment. In today's industry, knowledge about cloud computing is quintessential and it looks great on the CV when you are applying for internships, since most tech projects/companies use some or the other form of it.

It is time to take off for your career to indeed reach the clouds! RSVP NOW!