Introduction to Competitive Programming

National Engineering School of Tunis, Rue Béchir Salem Belkhiria Campus universitaire, BP 37, 1002, Le Bélvédère,, 1002,, Tunis, Tunis, 1002

It is day of the journey , we will provide an overview of competitive programming and its significance. We'll introduce popular coding platforms, guide you on setting up your coding environment, explain the online judge system, and offer practice problems tailored for beginners.

Oct 11, 12:45 – 2:30 PM



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Welcome to our "Introduction to Competitive Programming" workshop! In this session, we'll dive into the exciting world of competitive programming. We'll begin with an overview, discussing what competitive programming is and why it's essential for honing problem-solving skills and preparing for technical interviews.

Next, we'll introduce you to common coding platforms like Codeforces, Topcoder, and AtCoder, where you can participate in coding competitions and practice your skills. We'll also guide you through setting up your development environment, including choosing the right Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), compilers, and debugging tools.

Furthermore, we'll demystify the online judge system and the submission process, making it easier for you to get started. Finally, we'll provide a set of practice problems designed specifically for beginners to ensure you have a hands-on experience during this workshop. Join us to embark on your competitive programming journey and boost your problem-solving prowess!


  • Ahmed Aziz Daoud




  • Achref Tellili

    GDSC Lead


    GDSC Mentor

  • Rami Smat


  • Ayoub Bnina

    Tunis El Manar University (FST)

    Machine Learning Manager

  • Abdel Momen Ben Naser

    General Secretary

  • Hana Feki

    GDSC Enit

    HR Manager

  • wael abdallah

    Project Manager

  • Ahmed Aziz Daoud

    Competitive Programming Manager

  • firas saada

    DevOps Manager

  • Mohamed Mahdi

    Marketing Manager

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