General Assembly

Ecole Nationale des Sciences et Technologies Avancées de Borj Cédria - ENSTAB, Rue de Rome, Soliman, 8020

The General Assembly of GDSC-Enstab is a pivotal event, bringing together passionate tech enthusiasts and aspiring innovators. Join us as we launch our club, discuss our vision, and lay the groundwork for an exciting journey ahead.

Oct 5, 2023, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM



Key Themes


About this event

The first General Assembly of GDSC-Enstab marks a historic moment in our club's inception. This gathering is a testament to our shared commitment to technology, innovation, and collaboration.

During this inaugural assembly, we will embark on a journey of exploration, learning, and community building. It is an opportunity for members to come together, get acquainted with fellow enthusiasts, and collectively shape the future of our club.

We will begin by introducing the mission and objectives of GDSC-Enstab, emphasizing our dedication to fostering a culture of learning and innovation. It's a chance for all attendees to understand the pivotal role this club will play in enhancing our technical skills, enabling us to contribute to the global tech ecosystem.

One of the key highlights of this General Assembly is the establishment of our club's leadership. 

Additionally, we will share our vision for the upcoming months, outlining the array of events, workshops, projects, and collaborations we have in store. As we explore various domains of technology, from app and web development , DevOps  to machine learning and data science, we invite members to actively participate and contribute to our diverse activities.

The first General Assembly is not just an event; it's the beginning of a shared adventure. It's an opportunity to express your ideas, voice your aspirations, and join a community of tech enthusiasts who are passionate about making a difference in the world through technology.

We look forward to your active participation, engagement, and enthusiasm as we launch GDSC-Enstab and embark on this exciting journey of innovation, learning, and growth. Together, we'll shape the future of technology and create lasting impacts within our community and beyond.


  • Jasser Nasraoui

    GDSC Lead

  • eya Herki

    General Secretary

  • ayed yasmine


  • naouali dhia

    Dev-Ops Co-lead

  • chaabane dhia

    Mobile-Dev Co-lead

  • Wassim Hedfi


    AI&ML Co-lead

  • oussama guerriche

    Project Manager

  • eya taouali


  • mokhless alyani

    Web-Dev Co-lead

  • Sirine Maàroufi

    Media & Content Creation Co-lead

  • al walid

    Logistic Manager

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