Linux basic notions-part 2

A workshop on Linux fundamentals would cover the basics of using the Linux operating system.

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About this event

A workshop on Linux daemons and SELinux would focus on the more advanced aspects of the Linux operating system. Some of the topics that could be covered include:

Introduction to Linux Daemons: What are daemons, how do they work, how to manage daemons, daemons configuration files, systemd.

Systemd Services: Unit files, service dependencies, starting and stopping services, service status, logging and troubleshooting.

SELinux Overview: What is SELinux, how does it work, SELinux modes, SELinux policies.

SELinux Administration: SELinux command line tools, SELinux booleans, SELinux context, audit logs, troubleshooting SELinux issues.

SELinux Policies: Creating and modifying SELinux policies, working with custom policies.

Participants would gain an understanding of more advanced Linux topics related to daemons and SELinux. They would be able to manage daemons, troubleshoot issues, and secure Linux systems using SELinux and other security best practices.