Introduction to CyberSecurity : Networks Basics

15, Rue Ghafsa, Rabat, 10100

Are you fascinated by the world of cybersecurity and eager to unravel the mysteries of networks? GDSC EMSI Rabat invites you to an illuminating event—"Introduction to Cybersecurity: Networks Basics." hosted by our OS and Cybersecurity technical lead LAAOUANE Tarik. This session is meticulously crafted to empower participants with the fundamental knowledge required to navigate the dynamic landscape

Jan 13, 12:30 – 2:30 PM



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Welcome and Registration (15 mins):

Participants will be welcomed to the event, and registrations will be completed. Networking opportunities will be available for attendees to connect with like-minded individuals.

Opening Keynote (30 mins):

A distinguished speaker in the field of cybersecurity will kick off the event, providing insights into the significance of networks in the digital landscape and setting the stage for the subsequent sessions.

Understanding Networks (45 mins):

Delve into the basics of networks, including their types, components, and functions. This session will provide a comprehensive overview to ensure everyone, regardless of their background, can follow along.

Coffee Break and Networking (20 mins):

Participants will have the chance to recharge with some refreshments and engage in networking activities. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow attendees and share thoughts on the topics covered.

Introduction to Cybersecurity (45 mins):

Explore the intersection of networks and cybersecurity. Understand how vulnerabilities in network infrastructure can pose risks and learn about the fundamental principles of securing networks.

Interactive Workshop (60 mins):

Put theory into practice with a hands-on workshop. Participants will have the chance to apply the concepts learned and gain practical experience in securing basic networks.

Q&A and Closing Remarks (30 mins):

Engage in a lively Q&A session with speakers and experts. Participants can seek clarification on any topics discussed during the event. Closing remarks will summarize key takeaways and provide guidance for further learning.

Don't miss this golden opportunity to lay the groundwork for your cybersecurity journey. Whether you are a student, professional, or simply curious about the world of cybersecurity, "Introduction to Cybersecurity: Networks Basics" promises to be an enriching experience. Join us in building a secure digital future!



Saturday, January 13, 2024
12:30 PM – 2:30 PM UTC


  • Youness Hamdaoui


    GDSC Lead

  • Abdelilah AIT HAMOU


    GDSC Mentor

  • Othmane Rachid


  • Assia Elharouni Alaoui

    EMSI Rabat

    Communication Lead

  • Malak Hajjaj

    Logistics Manager



    Operating Systems Technical Lead

  • Laouina Yassine

    Data Structures and Systems Technical Lead

  • Maha Zerroug

    Head Operations Lead

  • Hamza Boubnane

    DevOps Tech Lead

  • moncef ajmani

    Web Dev Technical Lead

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