Android Study Jams [Building Your First Android App - Part 2]

About this event

Hello Developers! 👋🏻

As you all know that Android Study Jams is going to start from tomorrow and this year Google Developer Student Clubs DSCSIT is going to organise ASJ for the very first time.

We are as excited as you are!!

Throughout these 30 days, we will learn, evolve and build an android app using Kotlin. We are going to have live interactive sessions, fun quizzes, community engagement and much more.

All the participants are going to receive a certificate of recognition after completion of this program.

So, what are we waiting for? Fill this form and join the WhatsApp group and give yourself a chance to groom 🌸

ASJ Interest Form (only those who fill the interest form will be counted as participants and will be rewarded after completion of Android Study Jams):

Official WhatsApp Group:


1. What are Android Study Jams?

▶️ Android Study Jams are a series of study groups, workshops or sessions organised and facilitated by a GDSC campus for their students to kick start their learning on Modern Android Application Development using Kotlin. Students will learn how to develop their very own beautiful and functional Android apps.

2. Who can participate in Android Study Jams?

▶️University students from GDSC campuses in India can participate in the respective Study Jams organised by the Facilitators (GDSC Leads) of respective campuses.

3. What are the prerequisites for a student to participate in Android study Jams?

▶️A student with curiosity to learn Android App Development with Kotlin can be a part of Android Study Jams.

4. What are the expectations from participants of Android Study Jams?

▶️Participants need to be a part of training sessions organised by the respective GDSC campus.

▶️Participants need to contribute to app development as a part of Android Study Jams.

5. What are the rewards for participants?

▶️Associate Android Developer( Certification fee sponsored by Google.

▶️Digital Certificate of Completion

▶️Course completion badges to show off on your Developer Profile.