Hack The Mountain3.0

A 36 Hours Hybrid Hackathon

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About this event

Hack The Mountain 3.0 - a 36 Hours Hybrid Hackathon in Collaboration with GDSC LBCE & title sponsored by Major League Hacking (MLH), happening on 17-18th September 2022, is all set to board the participants

We invite all the innovators, coders, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts to get you and your team checked in.

Registration Form link- https://hack2skill.com/hack/hackthemountains3?utm_source=GDSC&utm_medium=DLBCE

Why To participate?

🎁Goodies and swags

📄Certificates of participation

💵Cash prizes for winners

👨‍💻Community Building

🗣Showcase Your skills

💫Beginner friendly

📈Job/internship Opportunity at Big Tech Organizations.