Web Development Bootcamp

About this event

Over the course of 3 days, we will explore the 3 pillars of web development- HTML, CSS, and JavaScript along with a project that will solidify your knowledge! Sessions will also include specific windows for code-along with mentors and clarification of doubts. The structure of the Web Development Bootcamp is as follows:

Day 1- Assembling the Skeleton- HTML

Learning the basics of the world of webpages- HTML and laying the foundation for our journey.

Day 2- Beautifying the Body- CSS

Adding color to the monotone of HTML pages with CSS and learning how to make it look good!

Day 3- Flexing the Muscles- JavaScript + Project

Making our webpage truly come alive with JavaScript, adding the ability to reason with logic. An e-commerce cart webpage will also be made by the mentors as a code-along project to sign off!



January 21 - 27
5:00 PM (IST)