About this event

1. What is Docker ?

It is container, that has everything you need to run your application, isolated from the underlying infrastructure.

Docker container will run in any environment.

2. Benefits of Docker Containers?

VMs contain full copies of an OS, and can also be slow to boot.

Docker containers take up less space, they’re more flexible and tenable.

3. Are Docker secure ?

Docker makes sure that applications that are running on containers are completely segregated and isolated from each other, from a security point of view, by granting us complete control over traffic flow and management.

4. Need Rapid development ?

It can decrease deployment to seconds. Whether you are working on your Startup project or handling big IT infra, Docker makes it easy to deploy, bends well with CI/CD pipelines and saves cost.

5. Why You Should Learn Docker ?

With industry moving to cloud, knowledge of containers becomes important. It's the best way to deploy/manage your microservice.