Git and Github

Looking for a platform to host your toil? Well, we have got it covered for you.💯 Google Developer Student Club is back with a propitious Git and Github Bootcamp associated with the whole ball of wax of ✨version control✨ that will upskill your ability to collaborate on huge projects. Familiarise yourselves on the Git and Github essentials and make the task of using these tools as easy as a pie.💯

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About this event

Learn basic and advanced Git commands and learn how to better collaborate across the enterprise using the platform GitHub.

In today’s world, where people no longer need to be physically in the same room to complete projects, a powerful, distributed source control system is the solution. GitHub has made it easier for developers to continuously collaborate using Git.

This course is intended for teams wanting to collaborate using GitHub, and for developers wanting to improve their Git skills. You will start the course by learning to perform both basic and advanced Git commands. Then, you will learn best practices for using GitHub as a platform to develop code collaboratively. By the end of this course, you will know how to manage large-scale projects using Git and GitHub.