Career Discussion with Mr. Arsh Goyal

Transitioning from a student to a professional demands the development of essential skills through internships and job opportunities.

About this event

In case you're stressed out wondering if you will get a job in any of your dream companies don't be. Instead of worrying, understand your doubts, clear them and channelize your anxiety into preparing for a successful placement.

For this, do your homework at the earliest!

What’s their selection process of different companies? Are you eligible as per their shortlisting criteria? If you get a job offer early, can you appear for another interview later? If not, do you want to apply to an unwanted company earlier and miss out on your dream firm? These doubts are genuine. Discuss all your queries with us so that you are sure you have understood each potential situation.

We are organizing an event where all these questions can be answered directly by an experienced person.

The spots are limited, so make sure to grab your spot.