GDSC DGU Seminar - 6

Dongguk University - Seoul Campus, jung-gu, seoul, 04620

This is the sixth seminar of gdsc dgu. We're going to have a seminar for each part

Nov 24, 2023, 9:00 – 11:45 AM



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About this event

This is the sixth seminar of gdsc dgu.

We're going to have a seminar for each part

Part: Server / Cloud

Venue: PBL Room

Event Content:

1. 1. DevTalk

We will have time to share and ask questions about what each person has been doing recently and what they have learned or don't know well. In the case of sitting, I will attach two PBL room tables and sit like a round table and talk freely.

2. Friendship board game

As soon as item 1 is over, I would like to have a time to get closer to the members who couldn't come at the time of the MT and those who couldn't play with them through a board game that has a deep connection with the server cloud part.

Part: AI/ML

Venue: New Engineering Hall 3107 (401-3107)

Contents of the event:

1. AI/ML Tips

I think it would be good to have time to share the tips I got while doing AI/ML. For example, how to visualize your data, how to improve performance when applied unconditionally, and so on..

2. Eating Together AI/ML members have never eaten together, so it would be nice to get together.

Part: Web / App

Venue: P303 or P305 (anywhere is fine)

Event Content:

1. 1. Web To App & App to Web

Web users introduce app users to how to study and what is important. On the other hand, it's a seminar for those who do apps to introduce them to those who do the web!

2. Introducing the time that was meaningful to me

It is a seminar that introduces the most meaningful and influential activities in one's college life, such as projects, activities, and lectures. Please feel free to proceed with the theme without having to be limited to development!

It will be held under the same presidency as .



Friday, November 24, 2023
9:00 AM – 11:45 AM UTC


  • Seo Huichan

    Dongguk University

    1st Lead


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  • Chan seo

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