Google Cloud Study Jam Info Session

Are you interested in expanding your knowledge and skills in cloud computing with Google Cloud Don Bosco Institute of Technology-Mumbai(DBIT) is excited to invite you to a Google Cloud Study Jam Info Session, where you can learn about an exciting opportunity to enhance your expertise in cloud technologies.

Sep 22, 2023, 2:30 โ€“ 3:30 PM



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Google Cloud Study Jams are hands-on learning sessions designed to help you gain practical experience with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Whether you are a beginner or have some experience with cloud computing, this info session will provide valuable insights into how you can benefit from participating in a Google Cloud Study Jam.

During this info session, you can expect to:

Learn about the Google Cloud Study Jam program and its benefits for students and professionals in the field of information technology.

Discover the range of cloud technologies and services offered by Google Cloud Platform, including compute, storage, databases, machine learning, and more.

Gain insights into how Google Cloud certifications can boost your career prospects and demonstrate your expertise to potential employers.

Hear from experienced cloud professionals who have successfully completed Google Cloud Study Jams and achieved certifications, and learn about their journeys and experiences.

Get a sneak peek into the Study Jam agenda and how you can participate in hands-on labs and exercises to apply your knowledge in a real-world cloud environment.

Learn about the resources and support available to help you succeed in your Google Cloud learning journey.

Whether you're a student looking to kickstart your cloud computing career or a professional aiming to upskill in the rapidly evolving cloud industry, this info session will provide you with all the information you need to get started on your Google Cloud Study Jam adventure.


  • Shrikrishna Umbare


    Lead GDSC - DBIT


  • Yashas Khot


    Cloud Expert


  • Shrikrishna Umbare

    GDSC Lead

  • Omesh Barhate


  • Sahil Singh


  • Dushyant Bhagwat


  • Prasad Alai

    Google Developer Student Club - DBIT

    Event Head

  • Aditya Samant

    PR Head

  • Anushka Joseph

    Design Head

  • Shantanu Mande

    Sponsorship Head

  • Yashas Khot


    Cloud Expert

  • Gaven Dcosta


    Web Expert

  • Aarol Dโ€™Souza

    DSA Expert

  • Vaishnavi Nagave

    DSA Expert

  • Jess John


    App Expert

  • Melwin Lewis

    App Expert

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