What if the Embedded Systems Disappeared from World

Embedded Systems is not just a field, it's a lifestyle!! Everywhere around us you can always find an Embedded System. It's spread very fast in everything we use everything in our life. Here in "What if the Embedded Systems Disappeared from World?" .. we will take you through a tour in this field. Speaker/ Ahmed Asl Main points: ●What is Embedded Systems? ●The world without Embedded Systems. ●W

Jan 29, 7:00 – 8:30 PM



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Embedded Systems is not just a field, it is a lifestyle!! 🤷🏻🤔

🔍ال Embedded Systems بقت موجودة في كل حاجة في حياتنا، لو بصيت على الأجهزة اللي بتتعامل معاها كل يوم هتلاقي على الأقل 5 أو 6 منهم Embedded Systems؛ عربيتك، التكييف، موبايلك، الكاميرا .. كل حاجة حوالينا بدأت تتحول ل Embedded Systems، ودا السِّر في انتشار المجال دا بشكل كبير جدا في الفترة الأخيرة. 📊✔️

🧑🏻‍💻عشان كدا وفَّرنالكم سيشن هنعرفكم فيها بالمجال وسوق العمل فيه، واللي هتكون بعنوان/ What if the Embedded Systems Disappeared from World؟

📌هيقدمها مهندس/ Ahmed Asl

●Head of Embedded Systems GDSC Delta University & GDSC EELU Ain-Shams University.

●Founder/ Leader of Dead Code Team.

●Instructor/ Mentor for over 1000 student in Robotics and Embedded Systems Field.

●Ranked Second in "Rob Challenge" competition in "Mega Sumo Division" in 2022.

📅Date: Monday, 29Jan. 2024

🕗Time: 9: 00pm

Stay tuned🤫🔥


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