Compose Camp Session 2

Compose Camp is a hands-on introduction to learning how you can build Android apps with Jetpack Compose, a modern toolkit for building native user interfaces for Android apps. Compose makes it easier and faster to build UIs on Android. To begin with, in this session, we shall focus on learning some more basics of Kotlin and using that knowledge to create a basic Dice Roller Application.

Sep 24, 2022, 12:30 – 2:00 PM



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What is Compose Camp

Compose Camps are community-organized events focusing on building Android apps using Jetpack Compose. Jetpack Compose is a contemporary UI Toolkit that streamlines and simplifies app development.

This will be a Month Long event including speaker sessions. This will be a beginner-friendly event where you can start with Android Development, also for those who want a kickstart with Jet.

The Event will be a Hands-On Experience on the Language Kotlin and Basic JetPack Compose.


  • Sandesh Verma


    Android Facilitator


  • Jaseemuddin Naseem

    GDSC Lead

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