Android 7- Month Challenge

Its a 7 month challenge where students will learn and collaborate to build basic to advanced projects

Feb 4, 5:30 PM – Aug 2, 5:00 PM



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About this event

Greetings everyone,

I'm thrilled to present a fantastic opportunity – a 7-month challenge centered around collaborative learning and Android apps development ( With Kotlin). Starting next month, February, we embark on a journey where together, we will build skills, share knowledge, and craft robust applications.

Its more of peer learning where each one will be assigned a group.. Each member of a group will be assigned a topic to research and present.

Meeting time: 8:30 PM Daily (Mon - Friday)

By August, the goal is for each participant to have the capability to secure a junior role.

We've curated a remarkable group of Android Developers and Principal Engineers who are committed to providing unwavering support and mentorship throughout the challenge. With this stellar lineup, there's no reason for anyone to face obstacles alone.

To join this transformative experience, kindly complete the form linked below: - Please fill the form only once

Let's embrace this opportunity for growth and success together!


  • Mark Gatere

    GDSC Lead

  • Brian Muchai

    GDSC Co-Lead

  • Emmanuel Mutua


    Android Aficionado

  • Festus Gitahi

    Web Development Wonder


    AI Visionary

  • Victor Mutethia

    Flutter Extraordinaire

  • george kimani

    UI/UX Maestro

  • Mergery Mukoma

    Game Dev Connoisseur

  • Nickson Kiprotich

    IoT Luminary


    Cybersecurity Sentinel

  • Ruth Kamau

    Events / Social Media Maven

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