Google Cloud Seekho | GenAI Edition

☁️ Join Google Cloud Seekho's GenAI Edition to master Generative AI on Google Cloud. It offers an immersive training event to explore the future of cloud tech. 🌐 Personalize your learning journey and unlock exclusive swag items. πŸ’‘ Don't just learn – innovate and sculpt your path to brilliance! ☁️

Jan 2, 1:00 – 2:00 PM



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About this event

Google Cloud Seeko provides a flexible way for developers to learn basic Google Cloud skills. The GenAI chapter focuses on the fundamentals of the Google Cloud platform and Generative AI. Through hands-on workshops and expert-led sessions, participants gain practical experience in creating and deploying generative models at scale. Attendees will be well-equipped to leverage the capabilities of Generative AI on the Google Cloud platform.

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The Generative AI series includes four chapters: Introduction to AI and Machine Learning on Google Cloud, Fundamentals of Generative AI, Introduction to Generative AI Studio, and Generative AI Explorer - Vertex AI. 


  • Muhammad Asim Abbas

    Contour Software

    Senior DevOps Engineer

  • Meraj Ali

    Front-End Developer


  • Pareesa Abbasi

    GDSC Lead


  • Pareesa Abbasi

    GDSC Lead

  • Danish Ansari

    Design Lead

  • huraira shahid

    Techverz Solutions

    Technical Lead

  • Lajpat Rai

    Co Lead

  • Ayesha Mazhar

    Content Lead

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