Induction Session | GDSC DCE Darbhanga

Seminar Hall -02, Darbhanga College of Engineering, Darbhanga, Darbhanga College Of Engineering, Darbhanga, 846005

This session will be totally introductory based on which we would enhance the knowledge and understanding of students towards GDSC and its benefits in their carrier fields. It would tell more about our goals, it's benefits, it's various opportunities, tech Domains, structure, recruitment process and also an interactive QnA session. Stay tuned with us. See you there!

Aug 24, 2023, 9:45 – 11:00 AM



Key Themes

Career Development

About this event

The new journey beings, Here presenting you THE COMMUNITY WE ALL DESERVE!!!

Get back in your seats and be ready for a roller-coaster journey ahead!

It's time for Orientation Session of Google Developer Students Club - Darbhanga College Of Engineering.

Join the event for know about GDSC DCE and its future events.

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if (TechGeek) {

printf("Join the event, What are you waiting for!πŸ˜’");




  • Prof. Ankit Kumar

    GDSC, Darbhanga College Of Engineering

    Faculty Advisor

  • Ankit Jagat

    Google DSC Lead


  • Ankit Jagat

    GDSC Lead

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