Learn and Build: ML Pipeline Workshop

Join us for an immersive workshop on building Machine Learning pipeline! Learn the ins and outs of data preprocessing, model building, and deployment, and get hands-on experience with a real project. Don't miss this opportunity to dive into the world of ML with us on 8th March 2024, 6:00 PM onwards.

Mar 8, 12:30 – 2:30 PM



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About this event

Greetings CVR!!

GDSC is thrilled to invite you to the "Learn and Build: ML Pipeline Workshop!!"

Machine learning has emerged as one of the most transformative technology in recent years revolutionizing various industries.

Highlights of the Event:

🔍How the data is acquired, sources and kind of data

🧼How preprocessing the data changes based on a problem

🏢Building a model

💻checking how the model works after deploying

👨‍🎓Hands-on project

⏺ Event Details:

Date: 8th March 2024

Time: 6:00 PM onwards

Venue: Online

⏺ Registration:

To reserve your spot, please RSVP using link: https://gdsc.community.dev/e/mp72bg/

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Happy learning! 😊


  • Shubh A Chudasama

    GDSC Lead, CVR Chapter

  • Deekshitha Gona

    Management Lead, GDSC CVR

  • Akshat Mohan Dasula


    AI/ML Core Team Lead

  • Nithin Kumar Reddy Vangala


    AI/ML Core Team Member

  • Sai Vishal Radham


    AI/ML Core Team Member

  • Lakshminarayana Rao Malyala


    AI/ML Core Team Member


  • Shubh A Chudasama

    GDSC Lead

  • Deekshitha Gona

    Management Lead & AI/ML Core Team Member

  • Vikas Rushi

    Web Core Team Lead

  • Hitesh Lalwani

    Android Core Team Lead

  • sanjay sirangi

    Blockchain Core Team Lead

  • Samrath Reddy

    Cybersecurity Core Team Lead

  • Akshat Mohan

    CVR College of Engineering

    AI/ML Core Team Lead

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