Flutter Festival: Integration of Flutter with Firebase📲

Flutter Festival: Integration of Flutter with Firebase📲 Speaker: Mohammed Ali Inamdar iOS and Android Developer @ Silicon Stack Pvt Ltd. • GDSC TCOER Android Lead He will be giving us a talk on Firebase and also demonstrate the Integration of Firebase with our Flutter App which we have made with all those jaw-dropping functionalities during the course of this month-long event series.

Mar 30, 2022, 1:00 – 3:30 PM



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RSVP for the event and tighten your seat belts for an informative session as we come closer to the end of this exciting journey of Flutter Festivals💙✨


  • Suhani Kelapure

    GDSC Lead

  • Bhavika Shah

    Technical Head

  • prachi parate

    Competitive Programmer

  • Vaishnavi Gujjalwar

    Android Developer

  • nidhi jaiswal

    Web Developer

  • Apurva Bahade

    Web Developer

  • renuka ballal

    Management and PR Head

  • anjali singh

    Program Manager

  • saloni shrawane

    Marketing Manager

  • sonia sharma

    Event Coordinator

  • aditi somkuwar

    Content Creator

  • ritika kumari

    Graphic Designer

  • Arya Ambagade

    Graphic Designer

  • tejaswini verma

    Content Writer

  • vaishnavi mishra

    Content Writer

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