Build a Word App using Moreficent

We run standard desktop applications, like Android Studio, in the cloud and stream the user interface to the browser. Through a combination of advances in algorithms and the adoption of cutting-edge standards, we are able to make the remote application feel as responsive as the one running locally.

Oct 8, 2022, 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM



Key Themes

Career Development

About this event

What is Moreficent Masterclass:

We host a duration of 60-120 Min remote session with Experts in the field of Android to make awareness about Moreficent in the student community and further promote Moreficent amongst campuses for developing android apps.

The objective of providing this platform for students is to help them in kickstarting their development journey without worrying about the existing hardware limitations.

What we cover
Live Building an android app from scratch.
Pair Programming with our Advocates
F2F QnA with Experts
Opportunity to showcase the project and get rewarded.


  • Suhani Kelapure

    GDSC Lead

  • Bhavika Shah

    Technical Head

  • prachi parate

    Competitive Programmer

  • Vaishnavi Gujjalwar

    Android Developer

  • nidhi jaiswal

    Web Developer

  • Apurva Bahade

    Web Developer

  • renuka ballal

    Management and PR Head

  • anjali singh

    Program Manager

  • saloni shrawane

    Marketing Manager

  • sonia sharma

    Event Coordinator

  • aditi somkuwar

    Content Creator

  • ritika kumari

    Graphic Designer

  • Arya Ambagade

    Graphic Designer

  • tejaswini verma

    Content Writer

  • vaishnavi mishra

    Content Writer

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