FIA Introductory Webinar

Cristal e-College
Fri, Jan 22, 2021, 6:00 PM (PST)

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About this event

We are super excited to share DSC-SEA's Jan-Feb event with all of you! Get ready for some new skills and learnings with Firebase!

Firebase is a mobile and web application development platform that allows you to build, improve, and grow your app. Currently, It has 18 products and is used by more than 2 million apps. In this program, together with our chapter, you will learn how to build a serverless web app with Firebase and many more! 

Join this webinar to know more about Firebase and how it will be of great help to your future careers. Don't forget to also register for our Firebase in Action event wherein you will earn a badge on Serverless Firebase Development. You will have a chance to win a load worth 50 pesos since Kate, our DSC Lead will be randomly choosing five completers to receive the load. Register at

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