Cloud Study Jams 2020

Cristal e-College
Nov 2 - Dec 15, 2020, 6:00 PM (PST)

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The month of October was a success!

Let's make this month more productive by taking part in this year's Cloud Study Jams. Cloud Study Jams is a collective learning program designed to give students practical experience in Google Cloud Tools.

Like-minded developers come together to hone their skills and further their cloud knowledge through interactive classrooms and hands-on labs. With around 1250+ Developer Student Clubs around the world, attendees can join a global community of eager-to-learn students.

Make sure to have a Qwiklabs account and join our zoom meeting this November 15, 2020, to receive credits for the Cloud Study Jams.

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Nov 2 - Dec 15
6:00 PM (PST)