April Monthly Challenge

Conestoga College - Waterloo Campus
Apr 1 - 30, 2022, 12:00 AM (EDT)

About this event

It is time for a monthly challenge! GDSC @ Conestoga is conducting a monthly challenge where you will be working on a data structure or data algorithm coding question.


Solve as many LeetCode problems as you can until the end of April: leetcode.com 

For the submission take screenshots of your profile with the summary of your monthly progress. The screenshot must include your name and email (sample screenshot: https://bit.ly/3O1SsKe). 

You can submit your solution here: Monthly Challenge Submission Link. You will get points based on the number of problems you solve and their complexity as well (easy - 1 point; medium - 2 points; hard - 3 points). Winners will be announced at the end of the month.

Any questions? Reach out to GDSC Lead (Oleksandr Levinskyi) on Discord.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions!

Thank you,

Conestoga GDSC Team