Google Summer Of Code(GSoC)

C-Block, Comsats University Islamabad, Sahiwal Campus, Sahiwal, 57000

Join Google's Code Campfire: a summer of easy coding adventures! Perfect for beginners, enjoy fun lessons and activities. Ignite your passion for programming in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Let's make coding a breeze under the summer sun!

Nov 18, 2023, 3:00 – 4:00 PM



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About this event

🚀 Ready to embark on a thrilling coding journey? Join us for 'Code Expedition: A Beginner's Guide' at Google Summer of Code, a captivating 60-minute interactive event on Google Meet.

Event Details:

- Duration: 60 minutes (extendable)

- Platform: Google Meet

- Date: 18 November 2023

- Time: 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm (extendable)

- Registration: Free


Dive into the dynamic world of coding with our 'Code Expedition'—ideal for beginners and tech enthusiasts alike. Our seasoned coding experts will guide you through fundamental concepts and hands-on experiences, ensuring an enriching learning experience. Here's what's in store:

1. Introduction to Coding: Grasp the basics of coding and its pivotal role in the tech landscape.

2. Setting Up Your Coding Environment: Learn essential tips for configuring your coding environment for seamless experimentation.

3. First Coding Steps: Immerse yourself in coding with a practical demonstration of your first coding project.

4. Building Practical Solutions: Witness the impact of coding as we guide you through constructing your first practical solution.

5. Interactive Q&A: Got questions? Our experts will be on hand to address queries and offer insights into the coding universe.

6. Next Steps in Coding: Uncover valuable resources and tools to continue your coding journey beyond the event.

Ideal For:

- Beginners eager to explore the world of coding.

- Tech enthusiasts seeking to grasp the potential of coding.

- Professionals keen on integrating coding into their skill set.

Don't miss this chance to kickstart your coding adventure. Registration is free, so secure your spot now. Mark your calendar and join us on Google Meet for 'Code Expedition: A Beginner's Guide' at Google Summer of Code. Let's embark on this exciting coding odyssey together!

Note: Registration is mandatory. Reserve your place now, and we look forward to seeing you on November 18, 2023, at 8:00 pm! #GSoC #CodeExpedition 🚀


  • Muhammad Mahad

    (GSoC Winner)

    Fast Lahore


  • Nabeel Ahmed


    GDSC Lead

  • Arslan Khalid

    COMSATS University Islamabad


  • Daniyal Khan

    Content Writing Lead

  • Qurrat Ul Ain

    Female Lead - Creative Team

  • Muhammad Abdulllah

    Design Team Lead

  • Muhammad Adeel


    Lead - Technical Team

  • Muhammad Ahmad

    Lead - Management & PR Team

  • Muhammad Talha

    Lead - Creative Team

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