Secure International Fully Funded Scholarships

COMSATS University Lahore, 1.5 KM Raiwand Road, Lahore, 54000

Join us for a game-changing webinar on June 7, 2023, as industry leaders from Silicon Valley and CUI Lahore share essential tips on securing fully funded international scholarships.

Jun 7, 2023, 5:00 – 6:00 AM



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About this event

Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) at COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus, in collaboration with iCodeGuru and the Industrial Liaison Committee, is delighted to host a transformative webinar focused on "How to Secure International Fully Funded Scholarships". This event aims to provide students with critical insights and expert advice on securing highly competitive, fully-funded scholarships on an international level.

Our keynote speakers for the event include Dr. Zafar Shahid, a seasoned Software Engineer from Silicon Valley, USA, and a proud member of iCodeGuru, along with Mr. Mohsin Mehdi, a respected Faculty Member at CUI Lahore, Fulbright Scholar, and a member of iCodeGuru. These esteemed individuals will share their experiences, strategies, and practical tips that can significantly improve your chances of winning these prestigious scholarships.

The webinar is scheduled for June 7, 2023, at 10am PST, and will take place via Zoom. The event is open to all students interested in pursuing international academic opportunities.

Join us for this enlightening session, connect with industry professionals, gain valuable insights, and get a step closer to realizing your academic dreams.



Wednesday, June 7, 2023
5:00 AM – 6:00 AM UTC


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