10 Days of Fluttering - 1st Session

Comsats University, Islamabad Campus
Mon, Nov 2, 2020, 7:00 PM (PKT)

About this event

About Flutter:

Flutter is an Open Source Google UI toolkit to develop apps on multiple platforms in record time. Flutter is powered with Dart, which is a very powerful language to work with.

In this Bootcamp we will be helping from setting up your environment for Flutter till developing your first a full fledge application via Flutter.


  1. Intro to Flutter & Environment Setup
  2. Diving into Flutter Widget-tree
  3. Flutter Navigations
  4. Flutter Animations
  5. App Session
  6. Firebase Introduction
  7. CRUD Operations - Firebase
  8. Firebase Authentication
  9. App Session (Flutter + Firebase) 
  10. Keep Flirting


We are super excited to have two collaborators on board with us: