Ice Breaking GDSC CUI Fall'21

EE Seminar Hall, EE Department CUI, Islamabad, 45550

GDSC-CUI is delighted to announce its Ice breaking session for fall-21. Ice breakers provide a great way for new people to meet and socialize with each other. They strengthen the bond between participants and their mentors. We are keen to interact with our members. We will be addressing the core purpose of GDSC. Our tentative schedule for the semester with signature events will be revealed.

Oct 12, 2021, 9:45 – 11:00 AM



Key Themes

Career Development

About this event

GDSC-CUI has arranged its Ice Breaking session to provide a warm welcome to its new members. The event will cover the following points :

1- What's GDSC?

Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) are community groups for college and university students interested in Google developer technologies

2- purpose

we strive to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

3- perks of being a member

Members can get access to various virtual and physical events, workshops and can get mentorship by the leaders of the industry.

4- core team announcement

we have selected our core team after a rigorous phase of interviews and chosen the best Tech and non-Tech Experts of Our campus in their respective fields.

5- Learning with GDSC ( different operations teams)

We have different teams for our members . our teams include Web dev team , mobile app team,  videography team , Ai/ML Team , Marketing Team , Management Team, Cloud Computing Team and Content Team.

6- signature events

We will be conducting physical and virtual sessions, workshops and speakers' concourses on many topics which will be inscribed by spokesmen of the industry. We will conduct special events and workshops for Tech Enthusiasts including Flutter, React, firebase BootCamps, etc.

7- our plans for this year

we want to inspire and help people grow learning tech.

8- why GDSC is for every department

We will not only imparting knowledge to Computing Students but we also aspire to inspire the non-tech community of our campus towards tech so we will be conducting all the learning sessions from basics to advanced.

9- what's in for Tech people

Our main focus will be on technology and our locus point will be Web and Mobile App development, AI/ML, Cloud Computing, etc.

10- what's in for non-tech people

We will not only concentrating on Tech only but we will also be working to impart non-technical skills like Freelancing, Graphic designing, videography, etc.

Our Speakers for the event will be :

  • Aftab Ahmad, Campus Lead GDSC-CUI, A tech enthusiastic and Django Web Developer.
  • Muhammad Hamza, Ex Campus Lead GDSC-CUI, A flutter expert currently leading Flutter Islamabad.
  • Alina Shoaib , Campus Lead GDSC-NUST , A UI/UX Designer. 



Tuesday, October 12, 2021
9:45 AM – 11:00 AM UTC


  • Aftab Ahmad

    CUI GDSC Lead 22'

  • Muhammad Hamza

    COMSATS University Islamabad

    Ex-GDSC Lead & Speaker

  • Alina Shoaib

    NUST GDSC Lead 22'


  • Shahzaneer Ahmed

    CUI Islamabad

    GDSC Lead

  • Muhammad Rashid Mukhtar

    COMSATS University Islamabad

    Faculty Advisor

  • Hammad Saeedi

    Comsats University Islamabad


  • Ayesha Hissam

    Vice Chair-person

  • Rohail Ahmed

    General Secretary

  • Ahtiisham Javed

    Operations Manager

  • Omair Tahir

    Social Media Lead

  • Saman Khalid


    Social Media Co-Lead

  • Muhammad Siraj

    Management & Marketing Lead

  • Iqra khan

    Management & Marketing Co-Lead

  • Taqdees Zahra

    Graphics Lead

  • Syed Ali Mir Abbas Zaidi

    Media Lead

  • Muhammad Muzzammil

    COMSATS University Islamabad

    Web Development Lead

  • Javeria Tahir

    Mobile App Development Lead

  • mohsin behzad

    Mobile App Development Co-Lead

  • Ata satti

    Programming Lead

  • Sadia Imran

    Programming Co-Lead

  • Ali Abbas Baig

    Data Science Lead

  • Fareh Iqbal

    Mobile App Dev Co Lead

  • M'd Rana

    Comsats University Islamabad

    Programming Associate

  • Rubab Ahmad

    Web Development Associate

  • Areeb Ahmad

    Web Development Associate