Graphic Designing BootCamp - Batch 01 - Session 09

Welcome to the final Session 09 of the Graphic Designing BootCamp - Batch 01! In this concluding session, participants will explore advanced selection techniques in Adobe Photoshop, focusing on the Lasso Tool, Magnetic Lasso Tool, and Polygon Lasso Tool, to refine their design skills.

Mar 2, 2:00 – 3:30 PM



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About this event

As we reach the culmination of the Graphic Designing BootCamp - Batch 01 journey, Session 09 presents participants with an opportunity to elevate their proficiency in Adobe Photoshop through advanced selection techniques. Led by expert instructors well-versed in Photoshop's intricacies, this session promises to equip participants with the skills to tackle complex design challenges with confidence.

The session will kick off with an in-depth exploration of the Lasso Tool, a versatile selection tool that allows for freehand selection of irregular shapes. Participants will learn how to wield the Lasso Tool effectively, mastering techniques for creating precise selections with ease.

Building upon this foundation, participants will delve into the Magnetic Lasso Tool, an intelligent selection tool that automatically snaps to the edges of objects in an image. Through guided demonstrations and hands-on practice, participants will discover how to leverage the Magnetic Lasso Tool to quickly and accurately select objects with intricate or well-defined edges.

Additionally, participants will be introduced to the Polygonal Lasso Tool, a powerful tool for creating selections with straight edges and defined angles. Participants will learn how to use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to create precise selections of geometric shapes and complex objects, enabling them to tackle a wide range of design projects with precision.

Throughout the session, participants will engage in practical exercises that challenge their newfound skills, reinforcing their understanding of selection techniques and their applications in real-world design scenarios.

As participants bid farewell to the BootCamp, they will leave with a deeper understanding of Adobe Photoshop's selection tools and their role in creating professional-grade designs. Armed with this knowledge, participants will be well-equipped to tackle diverse design projects and unleash their creativity with confidence.

Whether you're an aspiring graphic designer or a seasoned professional, Session 09 offers a fitting conclusion to your Graphic Designing BootCamp journey, empowering you to take your design skills to new heights with advanced selection techniques in Adobe Photoshop.

Join us for an engaging and enriching session as we celebrate your accomplishments and toast to your continued success in the world of graphic design!


  • Sara Iftikhar

    GDSC COMSATS Abbottabad

    Graphics Ninja


  • Muhammad Raees Azam

    GDSC COMSATS Abbottabad


  • Rizwan Shah

    GDSC COMSATS Abbottabad



  • Muhammad Raees Azam

    GDSC Lead

  • Hashir Ahmad Khan

    Former General Secretary

  • Maha Babar

    Comsats University

    Co- Lead

  • Nayab Zahra

    COMSATS University Islamabad

    Industrial & PR GURU


    Comsat University Islamabad Abbottabad Campus

    Information Technology Guru

  • Ibrahim Mir

    Comsats university abbottabad

    General Secretary

  • Areeb Ajab

    C.U.I, Abbottabad Campus

    Android Ninja

  • Sara Iftikhar

    COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Camous.

    Graphics Ninja

  • Wania Khan

    COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus.

    Membership Ninja

  • Muneer Hasan

    Flutter Ninja

  • Rida Zainab

    AI/ML Ninja

  • Muhammad Awais Khan

    Comsat University Islamabad Abbottabad Campus

    Web Ninja

  • Maria Adil


    Documentation Ninja

  • Varisha Sajjad

    Comsats University Abbottabad

    Marketing Ninja (F)

  • Muhammad Hasnain

    Media Ninja

  • Muhammad Danyal

    Comsats Abbotabad

    Membership Ninja ( M )

  • Jawaid Aziz


    Marketing Ninja ( M )

  • Malik Imran

    Comsats university abbottabad

    Media Ninja

  • Mukaram Awan

    COMSATS University Abbottabad Campus

    Graphics Ninja ( M )

  • Saqib Dawar

    Inventory Ninja

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