Elarian Hackathon: Chuka (Themes: Fintech, HealthTech,Entertainment and Utility)

BSL 301, Chuka University, Main Campus, Ndagani Market along Nairobi - Meru Highway, just 2 Km after Chuka Town Chuka, Kenya, Chuka, 60400

Build scalable solutions about Clean Energy, FinTech, HealthTech, Entertainment, and Utility using Elarian.

Jan 21, 2022, 5:30 AM – 6:00 PM



Key Themes

Career Development

About this event

Build scalable solutions about Clean Energy, FinTech, HealthTech, Entertainment, and Utility using Elarian. Elarian is designed to build faster regardless of the language you choose (JS, Python, Java/Scala, PHP, Go).

Elarian is a customer engagement framework. that enables you to easily build scalable and personalized applications. Come and build solutions.

The Hackathon is open, and you can start building now.

Start here: Elarian Documentation

Sample Apps:

  • Microfinance Solution
  • Bank Solution
  • Loyalty Program Solution

Elarian provides infrastructure for building reactive, scalable applications fast. At its core, Elarian is a customer data and automation framework. It helps you organize and work with your customer data, even as you perform basic actions such as sending messages or handling payments; this data encompasses communications, payments, and activities generated from sources such as websites and mobile apps.

The "Elarian SDKs, Tools and Scalable Solution” to help engineers build scalable solutions with Elarian SDKs seamlessly !". As the title suggests, the objective is to introduce attendees to Elarian SDKs: JavaScript, Java, Scala, Python, PHP, .Net, Ruby & Go. This is designed to empower developers in building solutions in:

Data Hierarchy

The root owner of data in Elarian is an organization, which is identified by a unique orgId. Engagement data within an organization can then be contextualized further using applications identified by a unique appId. An example of this would be a survey application or a loyalty program application, all within the same organization.

While establishing a connection to Elarian, an appId is required to indicate which application should be used to contextualize the following engagement data.

Customer Data Management

Elarian provides several constructs to help you organize your customer data. The broad categories of supported customer data are Identity Data, Metadata, and App Data.

Identity Data

Identity Data refers to data that allows your application to identify one customer or groups of customers. At the moment, there are four primary pieces of identity data, and these are customerNumber, customerId, secondaryId, and tags.


Metadata allows you to store arbitrary data about your customer in a key-value map associated with a unique customer. The data can be in either string or binary format, which allows you to serialize complex objects and associate them with the customer. Examples of metadata could be a user's address, language preference, or gender.

App Data

App Data allows you to store arbitrary data to help determine the state of a user for a specific application. Using the survey application as an example, you could use app data to store what question you're currently waiting for the user to answer. App data can also be in string or binary format.

A customer can have multiple instances of app data linked to them, e.g., the survey app data and the loyalty program app data. The appId passed while establishing a connection determines the instance of the customer's app data that will be made available. Another way to think about this is establishing connections to different databases, only that the database (app data) stores information for a single customer.

Engagement Automation

Elarian allows you to initiate requests to customers and handle notifications from customers through communication or payment providers. In line with the customer being the unit of abstraction, all data that a customer generates is stored in the customer's perspective, making it easy for your application to build a better profile of the customer's behavior.


Elarian accepts a sendMessage command, where you specify the customerNumber, channelNumber, and the message to send. Elarian supports messaging across various channels, namely, SMS, Voice, Ussd, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Email.


Elarian provides a rich infrastructure for managing payments. We provide functionality for storing money into purses owned by organizations or wallets owned by customers. You can create as many purses or wallets as you need.

Elarian then allows you to initiate payments through different providers (MNOs, Banks, etc.) and process received payments that come in from those providers.

Customer Activity

Elarian allows you to track customer activity data from various sources such as mobile or web applications. This customer activity data helps you build an even richer profile of your customer's behavior. You can then correlate this activity data to your customer's messaging and payment data to make intelligent engagement decisions.

A simple e-commerce example might be tracking a customer's abandonment of their shopping cart and sending them a reminder on SMS or WhatsApp to buy the products before getting out of stock.

Customer Events

Elarian encourages a reactive programming model, your application emits events to Elarian in the form of commands, and your application reacts to events from Elarian in the form of notifications.


  • An instance of Elarian installation
  • Accounts for each team/organization (Working in teams) to log in and create an app
  • Connect to SDKs you will use

Note: Carry a laptop

Rewards for the outstanding attendees who will build stable MVPs:

  • Opportunity to get Gigs
  • KES 10,000 for the winner
  • Lots of Swag


  • Michael Kimathi

    Atlassian Nairobi

    Impact Masters & Elarian, Developer Experience Community

  • Anthony Kiplimo




  • Michael Kimathi

    Atlassian Nairobi

    Impact Masters & Elarian, Developer Experience Community

  • Peter Njoroge

    Datawise Pro Technologies .Inc

    Junior Full-Stack Developer

  • Ian Githungo

    Skyworld Limited

    Software engineer intern

  • Nicholas Guantai

    The Jitu

    Social Media Strategist


Elarian logo


Techno Science Chuka University logo

Techno Science Chuka University


  • Nimrod Nyongesa


    GDSC Lead

  • Steve Tom


    Cloud Solutions Architect

  • Ray Basweti

    Logistics Manager

  • Duncan Macharia

    LogicNest Technologies

    Lead Frontend Developer

  • grace mugambi

    Lead Android Developer

  • sherry nyanchera

    Cybersecurity Lead

  • Jimmy Kimunyi

    Lead Backend Developer

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