Backpacking India

Chameli Devi Group of Institutions, Village Umrikheda, Near Toll Booth, Khandwa Road, Indore, 452020

Chameli Devi Group of Institutions - Indore, India

🌟 Join us for 'Backpacking India' with Shardeum on September 21st at 10 AM in Lab 109, CDGI. Explore the world of blockchain and smart contracts with a hands-on workshop led by Chirag Ravishankar. Don't miss out! ğŸŒğŸŽ’âœ¨

Sep 21, 2023, 4:30 – 7:30 AM

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Discover 'Backpacking India' with Shardeum - An Unforgettable Tech Adventure! ğŸŒğŸŽ’âœ¨

Are you ready for an extraordinary journey that blends adventure, technology, and culture? Join us on September 21st at 10 AM in Lab 109, CDGI, for an event like no other – 'Backpacking India' with Shardeum!

🚀 Dive into the World of Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Led by the expert Chirag Ravishankar, this event promises a captivating exploration of the blockchain universe. Our hands-on workshop will demystify the intricacies of smart contracts, making this technology accessible to all, regardless of your background. No prior experience is needed – just bring your curiosity and enthusiasm!

🌐 Uncover the Potential of Blockchain Technology

Discover how blockchain is revolutionizing industries, from finance to supply chain management. Learn how smart contracts can automate processes and revolutionize business transactions. Gain insights into the decentralized world and its limitless possibilities.

💡 Shape Your Tech Journey

Whether you're a blockchain enthusiast, a tech-savvy traveler, or someone simply curious about this emerging technology, 'Backpacking India' offers you a chance to shape your tech journey. Network with like-minded individuals, share ideas, and broaden your horizons.

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🔧 Preparation is Key

To maximize your participation, make sure to have MetaMask installed on your laptops. If you need assistance with the setup, follow our step-by-step guide:

Join us for a day of exploration, learning, and inspiration. 'Backpacking India' with Shardeum promises an unforgettable fusion of technology and adventure. Reserve your spot today and embark on a journey of a lifetime! ğŸŒğŸŽ’ğŸŒŸ


  • Chirag Ravishankar


    Web3 Contributor


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  • Aryan Chachra

    GDSC Lead

  • Hardik Panwar


  • Raunek Pawar


  • Simran Bhalode


  • Gaurav Kadskar

    Foster (AI/ML Team)

  • Mihir Jaiswal

    Foster (Operations Team)

  • Zoya Qureshi

    Foster (DS & Analytics Team)

  • Aniruddh Dubge

    Foster (Blockchain Team)

  • Adesh Katiya

    Executive Member (DS & Analytics Team)

  • Bhavya Jadam

    Executive Member (AI/ML Team)

  • Madhur Chouhan

    Executive Member (Web Development Team)

  • Aakash Benarjee

    Executive Member (Social Media Team)

  • Ambika Mishra

    Google Developer Student Club

    Executive Member (PR & Outreach Team)

  • Anjali Bansal

    Executive Member (Web Development Team)

  • Gunjan Rathore

    Executive (Operations Team)

  • Jayesh Panwar

    Executive Member (Social Media Team)

  • Sourabh Pawar

    Executive Member (PR & Outreach Team)

  • Vikas Pal

    Executive Member (Social Media Team)

  • taiba faridi

    Executive Member (Content Writing)

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