Programming with Python

Central Philippine University
Oct 16 - 17, 2020, 5:00 PM (GMT+8)

About this event

Programming with Python is a two day event where participants will learn the basics of Python during the first day and program Discord bots on the second day.


  • Kent Lexter Co

    Kent Lexter Co

    Kent Lexter B. Co is a BS Computer Engineering graduate from San Agustin University in Iloilo with a love for playing around with new hardware and software. During his time at the university he created an automated hydroponics system for his thesis. After graduating, he worked freelance for friends and acquaintances and has gathered a variety of work experience with programming and elec...

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  • When

    October 16 - 17
    5:00 PM (+08)


  • Sean Patrick NAMO

    Sean Patrick NAMO


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  • Chloe Belle ESTILO

    Chloe Belle ESTILO

    Communications Head

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  • Jenny Rose Suelan

    Jenny Rose Suelan

    Technical Head

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  • Andrei Bonn Mecenas

    Andrei Bonn Mecenas

    Creatives Head

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  • Kyle Dominic Lomigo

    Kyle Dominic Lomigo

    Marketing Head

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    Assistant Technical Head

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  • Jed Matthew Mamosto

    Jed Matthew Mamosto

    Assistant Marketing Head

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  • Basil J. AMSO

    Basil J. AMSO

    Junior Assistant Marketing Head

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  • Randyll Mark E. ENOHADA

    Randyll Mark E. ENOHADA

    Googe Developer Student Club

    Junior Assistant Technical Head

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