Gen-AI: Trends, Do's and Dont's

Join the Tech Insight Series with Hussain Ali Akbar, a Director of Engineering specializing in AI tools, as he discusses Gen-AI's basics, trends, and potential misuses. Explore AI ideas for Final Year Projects and research domains. Don't miss this insightful discussion on Gen-AI's impact on tech.

Feb 10, 3:00 – 5:00 PM



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We’re back with another event by the name of Tech Insight Series : Gen-AI: Trends, Do's and Don'ts
The speaker is Hussain Ali Akbar. He’s a director of engineering, and works with cutting-edge AI tools to pioneer the next generation of SaaS products.

The Agenda of event is:

- Basics of Gen-AI: This entails understanding the fundamental principles and concepts behind Generative AI (Gen-AI), which involves AI systems that can generate new content, such as images, text, or music, often based on patterns learned from existing data. It involves grasping the underlying algorithms, architectures, and techniques used to create these generative models.

- Trends and applications of Gen-AI in industry: This refers to the current developments and practical applications of Generative AI across various industries. These applications could include generating realistic images for virtual reality, creating personalized content for marketing purposes, enhancing product design through generative design algorithms, or even assisting in drug discovery through generative models in pharmaceuticals.

- Misuse of Gen-AI: This aspect focuses on the potential ethical and security concerns associated with Generative AI technologies. Misuse could involve generating fake news articles, deepfake videos, or other forms of deceptive content. It could also involve using generative models to bypass security measures, such as creating fake biometric data for authentication systems.

- Ideas of AI usage in FYP (Final Year Projects): This involves brainstorming potential projects for students' final year projects that leverage AI technologies. Examples could include developing a generative model for creative writing, using AI for medical diagnosis or predicting financial markets, or implementing AI-powered solutions for environmental monitoring or social impact projects.

- AI research domains: This encompasses the various areas of research within the field of Artificial Intelligence. These domains could include machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, reinforcement learning, and more. Researchers explore new algorithms, techniques, and applications within these domains to advance the capabilities of AI systems.

Mark your calenders for an enlightening discussion on Gen-AI and its impact on the tech landscape.


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