The Cloud Talk (3)

Cavendish University, Block B,LAB Room 214 , 2nd Floor - Cavendish University , Opp American Embassy kampala, 256 - View Map Cavendish University Uganda
Sat, Mar 11, 9:15 AM (EAT)

About this event

DevOps is an approach that combines software development and IT operations to streamline and automate the software delivery process. It involves building, testing, and deploying software at a faster pace to meet the ever-increasing demand for software applications. With DevOps, developers and operations teams work together to improve collaboration, communication, and efficiency.

Cloud Security, on the other hand, refers to the set of practices, technologies, and policies used to protect cloud-based systems, applications, and data from unauthorized access, theft, or damage. Cloud Security is critical as more organizations continue to migrate their applications and data to the cloud.

The next three to four Cloud Talk sessions will focus on DevOps and Cloud Security. The topics will cover various aspects of DevOps, including continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), automation, monitoring, and testing. The sessions will also delve into Cloud Security, covering topics such as cloud infrastructure security, identity and access management (IAM), and data encryption.

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of DevOps and Cloud Security and learn how to apply best practices to their organization's software delivery process. They will also gain knowledge on how to implement effective Cloud Security practices to ensure the security and integrity of their data in the cloud.

In conclusion, the upcoming Cloud Talk sessions on DevOps and Cloud Security will provide attendees with valuable insights and practical knowledge on how to streamline their software delivery process while maintaining the security of their cloud-based applications and data.



Saturday, Mar 11
9:15 AM - 12:45 PM (EAT)


Cavendish University, Block B,LAB Room 214 , 2nd Floor
Cavendish University , Opp American Embassy kampala256