soft skills development for employability

Cavendish University
Fri, May 13, 4:00 PM (EAT)

we organized complimentary masterclasses for students. prepare them as future employees.

About this event

For too long we have used paper qualifications to tell how capable someone is. We all know that we are more than just those grades on the report card or the hard skills we see on our resume. We are unique individuals crafted by our own stories and experiences. It is often these experiences that shape our identity, the way we work, and what we stand for. This is why we built Skilio – because ultimately, heroes aren’t born, they are made! And we believe you can be a hero too!

Our Mission

To personalise soft skill development through measurement and analytics for individuals and organisations to be future-ready

Our Vision

We want a world where success is multidimensional, measured by an individual’s unique experiences, values and skill sets.