Day in the life of Product Manager at Google

Carnegie Mellon University
Thu, Nov 17, 2022, 7:30 PM (EST)

The focus of this Speaker Session is to give the audience an idea about the typical day in the life of a Product Manager to get a clear picture of the expected roles and responsibilities at Google

About this event

What is it like to work at Google? How to prepare for your interviews? What do you love most about this role?

Join us for a sneak peek of Life at Google where you will hear from a Google Employee about their career path, the experience of working at Google, and industry advice to build a career in product management!

Speakers discuss what their job is and what they do, what background is required and the key skills they use in their roles. Additionally, we'll cover how did they get their jobs and advice for aspirants in this field. The focus will also be laid on what type of education/training, technical knowledge, or experience is necessary for such kind of role and tips for job hunting strategies followed by a Q&A session.