Flutter 101 Bootcamp

Career Point University - Kota
Feb 8 - Mar 16, 2021, 6:00 PM (IST)

About this event

In this series, we introduce you to the joys of working with Flutter and Dart to build Android apps with just one codebase and only one programming language.

Learn Flutter, Google’s groundbreaking multi-platform mobile development framework to create apps for Android and iOS.

We will teach you how to get up and running with Flutter, quickly and effectively. Throughout this series of videos, we are going to teach from scratch how to use Flutter and eventually, adding it into your IT toolbox.

The event is for anyone wanting to: - hack on your own Flutter project, learn about a particular Flutter-related topic, collaborate on a shared Flutter project.

Why learn Flutter?

  • · Simple to learn and use
  • · Quick compilation: Maximum productivity
  • · Has good documentation
  • · A growing developer community
  • · Supported by Android Studio & VS Code

Key Perks:

  •  - Free of Cost
  • - Building 12+ apps from scratch
  • - 5 sessions/week
  • - 1 doubt class/week
  • - Mentors Assistance
  • - Hands-On programming experience
  • - Internship recommendation/opportunities
  • - No prerequisite
  • - Certificates for all
  • - Anyone can apply


  • · Basic programming language experience could help, but not required.
  • · You can use either Windows, mac-OS, or Linux. But for Developing iOS applications requires a mac-OS.
  • · No prior iOS or Android development required

We will make sure it will be worth your while. Comprehensive hands-on exercises are integrated throughout to reinforce learning. We also provide different materials for helping people understand Flutter better. You will be Flutter-ing in no time.

We hope to see you at the event and learn new skills from the event.