Building Blocks of API

Camellia Institute of Technology - Kolkata
Sun, Dec 4, 2022, 8:00 PM (IST)

Application Programming Interface (API) is the way for communication between two computers over a network. In simple words, API is just like a telephone call between the client app and the server. Have you guys ever wondered how your browser talks with or how just with a couple of clicks your reel gets live in front of millions of users? You will get answers to these questions here

About this event

The Agenda

Get to  know about APIs 

Learn about testing API's using postman 

Learn about the workflows of API 's 

Hands on workshop on API's 

Play with Google API's

Learn to create mock API's using Postman 

Road to student Expert 

The Challenge

After this workshop there will be two challeges one is a writethon and another is a work space challenge

The Writeathon 

Participants have to write blogs on following topics and one winner will be selceted from each topic 

  • Topic 1:  The workshop experience i.e what you have learned. Want chanllenges did you face will trying our thr handson challenge 
  • Topic 2:  Write  about your  favourite API its use cases details , community support ,etc 
  • Topic 3:   Write about  how API's can make your life easy 


 Your blog should be more than 600 words  and less than 1000 words 

  Must contain a proper Introduction and conclusion

Submissions will be done on HashNode Blog Platform 

The Workspace Challenge

Participants have to submit an Postman collection , based on want they learnt and what exciting they tried to implement 


Documnentation should be clear and concise 

Each request should be named properly 



23 september 12:00 am - 26 September 12:am IST 

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