Programming Fundamentals Using C++ Workshop

GDSC CU-FCAI Workshops 23/24

Apr 7, 8:00 PM – May 16, 7:00 PM



Key Themes

Career Development

About this event

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the world of programming? Join us for an engaging workshop series where you'll learn the essential fundamentals of programming using C++! 🚀

Over the course of 5 weeks, we'll cover everything you need to know to kickstart your programming journey:

🔹Introduction to Programming: Learn the basics of programming and get acquainted with the C++ language.

🔹Conditions and Loops: Dive into the world of decision-making and repetition in programming.

🔹Arrays and Strings: Explore data structures like arrays and strings and understand how to manipulate them in C++.

🔹Functions and Built-in Functions: Master the concept of functions and discover the power of built-in functions in C++.

🔹Time Complexity: Understand the importance of time complexity in programming and learn how to analyze the efficiency of algorithms & many more !!


  • Kareem Waleed

    GDSC Lead

  • Mohamed Mahmoud 101


  • Amira Allam


    Project Management Head

  • mahitab yasser

    Project Management Vice-Head

  • Marwan Mohammed

    GDSC Cairo

    OC Head

  • Ahmed Rasheed


    HR Head

  • Ahmed Zakaria


    ER Head

  • Hussein Mohamed

    Cairo University

    Backend Vice-Head

  • Omar Waleed Zenhom

    Cairo University

    UI/UX Head

  • Ahmed Hossam

    MYM , Control S

    UI/UX Vice-Head

  • Saif Eldeen Nosair


    Graphic Design Head

  • Zeyad Mohamed


    Flutter Head

  • Abdulla Abdulrhem

    Software Development Head

  • Abdelrahman Hijazy

    Cairo University

    Software Development Vice-Head

  • MahmoudAly AbouElmagde

    atec wireless

    Frontend Head

  • Yasmina Harb

    Frontend Vice-Head

  • Nabil Darwish

    Machine Learning Head

  • Mai Adel

    Machine Learning Vice-Head

  • Lilian Stephanos

    cairo university

    Machine Learning Vice-Head

  • Hossam Mostafa

    Cybersecurity Head

  • Eslam Abbas

    GDSC Delta University

    Cybersecurity Vice-Head

  • Shimaa Abdelkareim


    Graphic Design Member

  • Khaled Al-Astal

    Flutter Member

  • Mariam Alaa

    Project Management Member

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