Data Science and Machine Learning Workshop

GDSC CU-FCAI Workshops 23/24

Apr 8, 8:00 PM – May 31, 10:02 AM



Key Themes

Career Development

About this event

Are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of Data Analytics and Machine Learning? Join us for an immersive workshop series where you'll gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge to excel in the field! 🚀

What to Expect:

🔹 Learn essential data preprocessing techniques, including handling missing values, outliers, scaling, normalization, and dealing with categorical data.

🔹 Explore the fundamentals of ML, supervised vs. unsupervised learning, regression, classification, and clustering.

🔹 Master linear and polynomial regression from scratch and built-in models.

🔹 Dive into logistic regression, decision trees, and random forests from scratch and built-in models.

🔹 Learn about Support Vector Machines (SVM) and its applications.

🔹 Explore decision trees, random forest trees, and K-means clustering.

🔹 Apply your newfound knowledge and skills to real-world projects under our instructors.


  • Kareem Waleed

    GDSC Lead

  • Mohamed Mahmoud 101


  • Amira Allam


    Project Management Head

  • mahitab yasser

    Project Management Vice-Head

  • Marwan Mohammed

    GDSC Cairo

    OC Head

  • Ahmed Rasheed


    HR Head

  • Ahmed Zakaria


    ER Head

  • Hussein Mohamed

    Cairo University

    Backend Vice-Head

  • Omar Waleed Zenhom

    Cairo University

    UI/UX Head

  • Ahmed Hossam

    MYM , Control S

    UI/UX Vice-Head

  • Saif Eldeen Nosair


    Graphic Design Head

  • Zeyad Mohamed


    Flutter Head

  • Abdulla Abdulrhem

    Software Development Head

  • Abdelrahman Hijazy

    Cairo University

    Software Development Vice-Head

  • MahmoudAly AbouElmagde

    atec wireless

    Frontend Head

  • Yasmina Harb

    Frontend Vice-Head

  • Nabil Darwish

    Machine Learning Head

  • Mai Adel

    Machine Learning Vice-Head

  • Lilian Stephanos

    cairo university

    Machine Learning Vice-Head

  • Hossam Mostafa

    Cybersecurity Head

  • Eslam Abbas

    GDSC Delta University

    Cybersecurity Vice-Head

  • Shimaa Abdelkareim


    Graphic Design Member

  • Khaled Al-Astal

    Flutter Member

  • Mariam Alaa

    Project Management Member

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