Programming Perspectives: Books vs. Tutorials vs. Docs

Bujumbura International University, Ntahangwa, Kigobe-Sud, Avenue du Cinquantenaire, No 6, Bujumbura, Bujumbura

In this event, participants will explore effective learning approaches in programming. An industry expert discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using books, tutorials, and documentation, providing valuable strategies for learners to optimize their programming skills.

Nov 18, 2023, 4:00 – 5:00 PM



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About this event

Join us for "Programming Perspectives: Books vs. Tutorials vs. Docs," where we delve into the realm of learning programming effectively. Engage in lively conversations as we explore the merits and shortcomings of using books, tutorials, and documentation as learning resources. Discover the advantages and drawbacks of each approach, and gain insights from industry experts on how to optimize your learning journey. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced programmer, this event will equip you with valuable strategies to enhance your understanding, retention, and practical application of programming concepts. Broaden your perspective and discover the most effective path to programming mastery.


  • Trésor Muco


    Software Developer


  • Alain Bruce Nishimwe


    Ex GDSC BIU Lead

  • Don d'Honneur Irangabiye

    GDSC BIU Lead


  • Don d'Honneur Irangabiye

    GDSC Lead

  • Berry Grayson Niyongabo

    Génies en Herbe Burundi


  • Bon Tertius Tuyishimire

    Web Lead

  • berthe uwimana

    Parlak Design

    Design Lead

  • Alain Bruce Nishimwe

    Xclusive Designz

    Media Lead

  • Nina Kaneza

    Logistics Lead

  • Brice Berry Irumva

    Android Lead

  • rahma nzigamasabo

    Marketing Lead

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