CV/Resume Workshop

Join us for a one time opportunity to have unfiltered answers from a recruiter who's directly involved into hiring. Learn with us how to construct the perfect resume for your dream job!

Feb 11, 2022, 3:00 – 4:15 PM



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Career Development

About this event

😩 Are you tired of receiving emails thanking you for interest in the company and then rejecting you after the first round?

😢 Aren't those emails frustrating? You believe you're fit for the role, yet you get rejected with no constructive feedback. Well there is a high chance that your resume is holding you back.

📊 Data suggests that almost 95% of the resumes are never read and never make it to the second round of the application process

💡 Well, we at GDSC are here to provide you a one time solution for all your troubles regarding the topic of Internships and full time roles.

🔈 Presenting You, Ms. Franciska Nora Gal as our Keynote Speaker for the Inaugural Ceremony of GDSC BME

✨ Ms. Franciska is a Talent Recruiter at Cloudera, Ex Morgan Stanley and IBM and is someone who is directly involved in the process of hiring from Interns to full time Engineers. Being someone who has done recruiting for fortune 500 companies she has a ton of knowledge and experience all of which she will be sharing on 11th January at 4pm

🕐Don’t miss out on this one time opportunity to get all your doubts and misconceptions cleared. Join us on the 11th of February 2022 at 4pm for this workshop!

This session is open to all Hungarian and International Students of all Faculties.


  • Franciska Nora Gal


    Emerging Talent Recruiter


  • Chaitanya Arora

    GDSC Lead

  • Mia Lakić


    Social Media Head

  • Aldiyar Zhangulov

    Events Team Head

  • Vladyslav Moisieienkov

    Tech Team Head

  • Yousef El Hussein

    Solutions Team Head

  • Karam Abu Judom

    Tech Team Member

  • Tatiana Barbova

    Tech Team Member

  • Arbenitë Canaj

    Social Media Team Member

  • Marina Daniliuc

    Events Team Member

  • Marsel Yuldashev


    Solutions Team Member

  • Loreen Farrag

    Solutions Team Member

  • Tarek Alqassasfeh

    Tech Team Member

  • Milán Gubicza


    Tech Team Member

  • Alexandre Kakhiani

    Tech Team Member

  • Shobhit Sharma

    Events Team Member

  • Iqbal Hossain

    Social Media Team Member

  • Elsada Neziri

    Events Team Member

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