Brunel University London
Dec 18 - 20, 2020, 6:00 PM (GMT)

About this event

It's been a weird year, but technology has helped make it normal... well somewhat normal. We want to celebrate technology and therefore we are hosting the first-ever DSC Winter Technology Festival known as HACXMAS.

During HACXMAS we will be having a Hackathon, Information Panels & Social Activities!


Yes, you read that right. No coding required. That means anyone and everyone can take part in trying to create innovative solutions for our community, Attendees will be put into tracks where they will pitch ideas and then join teams. Over the weekend you'll create a presentation to show to judges at the end of the weekend to try and make them invest in your idea. Even though we do not require any coding if you do want to code a prototype or demo a feature you are able to do so!

Information Panels

During the Second Day of HACXMAS, we will be teaching you multiple skills to gear you up for success. For example, there will be panels on How to Pitch, Learning how to design UI's, Introduction to Coding and more!

Social Activities

Networking is important... very important. So we implemented some time for you to network with other people that are interested in the same things as you! We will be running multiple social activities throughout HACXMAS to ensure you have time to meet new people! We are planning on having large chats about certain topics, playing games (like Among Us) or just chilling listening to music!

HACXMAS is looking to be one of the best events we have ever hosted so be sure to get your tickets now! 

The Agenda below is subject to change. New Speakers will be released as we get closer to HACXMAS. Judges will be announced soon. Tracks will also be announced soon.



December 18 - 20
6:00 PM (GMT)