Building your App UI using Compose - Week 3

Brainware University - Kolkata
Wed, Sep 28, 6:00 PM (IST)

About this event

Building your App UI using Compose - Week 3

The mobile device that you are holding in your hand, what it consists of?

Applications right!

From WhatsApp to Instagram to Google Classroom to YouTube and to almost everything on your device

it's the apps that make your life easier and give your device more compatibility and convenience to use mobile phone.

And now the big question is are you fascinated by how things work in an app? or do you want to explore the world of app dev and make an android app yourself?

Then you are at the right place.

We got a one-month-long community-driven campaign on Android Compose Camp, packed with lots of fun activities and workshops to make you familiar with the app dev process.

Why you should join compose camp and What you can expect after learning android with compose: Build your own Android App!!

Sounds amazing!

But it's even more amazing when you will be actually coding your own first Android App.

We are super excited to bring you this Android Development with Compose.

Pack your bags🎒, fill in lots of energy💪, and prepare for the Compose Camp with Kotlin🥳.

Register yourself and be a part of this cool community-driven series of events. We are holding our very first event "Let's Build Your 1st Android App- Week 1"

See you there! 🔥