BU Recent Alumni in Tech Panel

Boston University
Tue, Apr 6, 2021, 6:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

Join us in a Question and Answer Panel with professional software engineers at Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat, and other Fortune 500 companies. The BU alumni will be sharing their experiences at past internships and current jobs. Come with a list of questions to ask them how you can build your resume, improve your skills, and make the most of your college years!

Meet the Speakers:

Elyse Kaczmarek

Employment: Customer Engineer @ Microsoft

BU Involvement: H4I, Codebreakers

Currently employed as a Customer Engineer at Microsoft, with a focus in security and identity. Graduated with a B.A. degree from Boston University in May 2020, double-majoring in Computer Science and Philosophy. Special interests include cybersecurity and cryptography.

Laura Reeve

Employment: Firmware engineer @ IBM

BU Involvement: Codebreakers Coordinator

Firmware engineer at IBM working on the cryptography team for the hardware security module (HSM). Interested in applied cryptography, data privacy, finance, and anything outdoors.

Sid Premkumar

Employment: Software Engineer @ BastionZero

BU Involvement: TA, X-Lab Practicum

Graduated from Boston University in 2020 with a B.A. in Computer Science and Economics. I am passionate about products that I believe can change the world. I'm always looking for different projects and ways to help tangibly change the world around me.

Mark Bestavros

Employment: Software Engineer @ Red Hat

BU Involvement: Organizer @ BostonHacks, CS111/112 CA

I graduated from Boston University in 2019 with a combined BA/MS in Computer Science. I'm interested in security and data privacy; recently, I've been working on tools to make security best practices more accessible.

Manuja DeSilva

Employment: Software Engineer @ John Hancock

BU Involvement: Tech Lead @ Hack4Impact

I graduated from BU in May 2020 with a B.A in Computer Science. My expertise is in building performant, scalable full stack applications. I am currently a Software Engineer at John Hancock; at JH, I work on building internal tools and micro services used throughout the company. I am interested in blockchain technology, decentralized finance, Web 3.0, database research, and big data.

Sumara Ali

Employment: Software Engineer @ Microsoft

BU Involvement: ACM, Spark!, BUILDs

Graduated from BU in Jan 2021 with a B.A. in Computer Science. I recently started as a software engineer at Microsoft, working primarily on web apps inside Office products. Interested in developing customer facing products.