GDSC-BMU Seminar Series: Exploring PROMPT ENGINEERING - Building Websites with Chat GPT

BML Munjal University (BMU) - National Highway 48 Kapriwas, 122413 - View Map BML Munjal University - Gurugram
Wed, Sep 13, 3:00 PM (IST)

πŸš€ Get ready for an exciting tech rendezvous! GDSC-BMU is thrilled to present "Unlocking the Future - PROMPT ENGINEERING: Building Websites with Chat GPT" on September 13th, starting at 2:45 PM in room NB 105 at BML Munjal University. Join us for an engaging exploration of cutting-edge technology and innovation. It's your ticket to stay ahead in the era of smart work.

About this event

πŸš€ Event Highlights:

✨ PROMPT ENGINEERING: We will guide you through the concept of PROMPT ENGINEERING, which is all about using Chat GPT to generate website content effortlessly. This transformative approach will help you build websites with remarkable ease, even if you have little to no coding experience.

πŸ”‘ Key Takeaways:

Discover how Chat GPT simplifies website development.

Learn to generate website content, designs, and more with minimal effort.

Understand the real-world applications and significance of Chat GPT in the era of smart work.

🌟 Why Attend?

As the world shifts towards automation and AI-driven solutions, understanding how to leverage Chat GPT for website creation is a game-changer. This event is your gateway to mastering a skill that will set you apart in the digital age. Whether you're an aspiring developer, a tech enthusiast, or someone looking to adapt to the future of work, this event is tailored to empower you.

🎀 Meet Our Speakers:

🌟 Simran Jain:

Master of Science from Liverpool John Moores University, London.

🌟 Pankaj Baranwal:

B.Tech graduate from CIC, DU, with a year of international experience in Germany.

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the potential of Chat GPT and shape the future of web development!


Wednesday, Sep 13
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (IST)


BML Munjal University (BMU)
National Highway 48 Kapriwas122413