DSC Hacktoberfest Days

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October is here and so does Hacktoberfest.

Hey Contributors!!,

DSC BKIET have something for y'all: Hacktoberfest.

Hacktoberfest® is open to everyone in our global community. Whether you’re a developer, student learning to code, event host, or company of any size, you can help drive growth of open source and make positive contributions to an ever-growing community.

All backgrounds and skill levels are encouraged to complete the challenge.

We at DSC BKBIET are organizing our first hands-on-workshop and as it's Oct, the month of OpenSource, the month of OctoCat and the world famous HACKTOBERFEST event.

We'll be having a two day workshop.

  • Day 1 (11th oct 11am to 12pm) : All about git and Github.
  • Day 2 (12th oct 6pm to 8pm): Hands-on demo for participation in hacktoberfest along with Us.

And we have some special surprise for you all.!! 

Join us on DSC Hacktoberfest Days

  • 11th Oct 2020 at 11:00am


What to do before that?

What to bring?

  • Water and some breakfast snacks in the morning and snacks in evening.
  • Laptop.
  • Internet connection (Good enough to watch live stream at 480p or at least 360p res*).

Who can attend?

  • Students (School/College).
  • Total beginners.
  • Know something about GitHub.
  • Beginner maintainers.

Do you need a GitHub account?

  • It is not recommended tho but if you have one you'll don't have to make one during the event.


  • 11th Oct 2020 at 11:00am

What will you get?

  • At the end of the workshop you'll know how to make Repos on GitHub and push code to it.
  • Other than that is a big surprise!!

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October 11 - 12
11:00 AM (IST)