Linux Bootcamp #2

Birzeit University, Birzeit Ramalllah, Birzeit, 1

GDSC-BZU and Gaza Sky Geeks hosted a three-day Linux bootcamp from February 20-22, where 28 participants explored Unix and Linux fundamentals. They learned command line navigation, file handling, permissions, and practical use of text editors. The curriculum included shell scripting, process management, package handling, and networking essentials, concluding with scheduling tasks using Cron jobs.

Feb 20, 7:00 AM – Feb 22, 1:00 PM



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About this event

On February 20-22, GDSC-BZU in partnership with Gaza Sky Geeks hosted the first bootcamp of the year to dive in the world of Linux! In our three-day Linux bootcamp, 28 participants got the chance to explore the fundamentals of Unix and Linux, starting with an overview of key concepts. Through hands-on sessions, attendees gained proficiency in navigating the command line interface (CLI) and executing basic shell commands. The curriculum extensively covered file handling techniques, user permission management, and practical usage of text editors such as Vim and Nano. Participants also explored the power of shell scripting for task automation and honed their skills in managing processes effectively. Additionally, discussions and practical exercises provided insights into package management and networking essentials. The bootcamp culminated with a deep dive into scheduling tasks using Cron jobs, empowering participants with practical skills to tackle real-world Linux challenges confidently.



February 20 – 22, 2024
7:00 AM – 1:00 PM UTC


7:00 AM


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