Campus to Corporate and Beyond

This is a seminar hosted by Mr. Purav Bhatt to emphasize topics such as : - What is the importance of LinkedIn.- How to make an impactful resume. - How can you find and apply for internships and jobs - How to improve your networking skills.

About this event

Campus 🏫 and Corporate 🏢 are two different realms.

However, due to these dynamic times 🧭, the difference between these two worlds🌍 needs to be addressed and worked upon.

Lo and Behold! We are about to do just that.

This weekend Mr. Purav Bhatt will shed light💡on this growing difference and how to bridge the gap.

Date: 30th January 2020

Time: 3 PM

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Topic: Campus to Corporate and Beyond

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The event will be hosted by Developer Student Clubs BVM in association with BVM Training and Placement Cell