Android Study Jams 2

Want to make an application of your own? Then RSVP yourselves in the Android Study Jam sessions for getting more and more about Android development using Kotlin. We have a two-day event lined up for you from the basics of KOTLIN to intermediatory levels of KOTLIN Development.

About this event

We are excited to bring you a two - day event for Android Development using KOTLIN. 

Day 1:

Basically, this session consists of the basics of Android Development and a brief introduction to Android Study Jams. Here we will be going through a line of questions that helps all those who are new to android development. Also, we will be discussing more on the basics of KOTLIN. But yes we assure you that by the end of the session you surely will be having a very very basic and overwhelming application of yours. And don't worry it won't be boring for sure. We have a very enthusiastic and charming panelist to discuss the topics that will be very insightful and exploratory for each of you. 

Date: 26th December 2020

Time: 4 pm onwards.

Day 2 :

We are excited to bring you our second beginner-friendly session of Android Study Jams. In this session, you will be entailed about the Co-Routines in Kotlin that just not makes the User Experience great but also your application as fast as you want to. The session will be conducted by the one and only "Belal Khan" who is a Google Developer Expert - Android and yes apart from an Android he is a wonderful mentor, a friend, an expert and the best for you all to learn more and more about Android from. So, welcome you all to an awesome two-day event that covers the nook and corner of Android Development using KOTLIN.

Date: 27th December 2020

Time: 4 pm onwards.




December 26 - 27
5:30 PM (IST)